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L'Abondance signature scent! œillet is like no other floral scent. Its sophistication makes this stand out. It's just like walking through a garden filled with berries, flowers & citrus. The scent that is admired by floral lovers & has also converted non-floral lovers

Scent Notes: wild blackberries - lemon - mandarin - mimosa - jasmine - orange blossom - cedar - amber - musk

Strength: ◾️◾️◾️

Scent Family: floral - fruity - fresh

Also available in

Wax Melt
Linen Spray
Reed Diffuser
Humidifier Oil
Body Wash
Body Scrub
Body Wash + Body Scrub Set
Body Wash + Body Scrub + Lotion Set
Bar Soap
Eau de Parfum


All our candles are made with a coco-soy-beeswax & phthalate-free fragrance oils to leave you with a clean burning candle. Everything is hand-made and made in the Philippines

Candle Care

  • Let the melted wax reach near or to the edges on your first burn
  • Never burn your candle for more than 3-4 hours
  • Trim your wick to 1/4" in between burns
  • Burn within sight
  • Always burn candles on a heat resistant surface
  • Keep loose materials and dust away from a burning candle
  • Always keep a burning candle away from drafts, curtains and other materials that may catch fire
  • Stop use when only 1/2" of wax remains

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews


    Sarah Mae Lugtu
    Luxury in a Jar

    I recently tried this candle (valentine's gift for myself). It smells really posh and I have to say, I'm inlove. It has this scent that feels really expensive and sophisticated, but not overpowering. The fragrance lingers for hours even after the candle is out, and it really adds a touch of class to any room. The packaging is really sleek and modern, which is super insta worthy. I would definitely recommend this candle to anyone looking to treat themselves or to give as a gift to someone special.


    L’Abondance scented candles make my OCD very, very happy and satisfied. No uneven burns, no soot, the wicks don’t mushroom, scents are never vapid and neither are they cloying, performance of every candle is above par and consistent.

    I used to be someone who was scared of burning candles as I fear fire. Now, I have been burning their scented candles for almost a year and not once have I ever felt scared as I never experienced any issues.

    Without a doubt, Abondance has the pride of place on my local scented candle collection.

    The sophisticated woman you want to be

    If there was a single scent that embodied "posh" and "sosy", Œillet is it. To me, it's a floral with equal, subdued hints of clean and powdery notes. It doesn't smell overpowering nor too delicate; it's the just-right kind of perfection.

    You'd never think that the listed scent notes could combine to make up a scent like this, but that's Ms. Lulu's magic in all its glory.

    The Smell of Sophistication

    If Œillet was in a human form, she'll be that woman whose presence warrants the turning of heads of the people inside the room she walks in. With jewels adorning her body and that regal atmosphere that surrounds her, it isn't a wonder why everyone's attention keeps gravitating towards her.

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