Body Scrub


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A soft exfoliating body scrub that is gentle on the skin yet leaves it feeling brand new & oh so soft!

Comes in a 300ML amber jar

*Shelf life: 2 years 


Beurre de Cacao
light spices - cedarwood - vanilla - tonka - coconut - olive wood - jasmine - sandalwood - amber - musk - cocoa butter
warm - sweet 

apricot - freesia 

lavender - eucalyptus - star anise - hemp seed - oat milk - fresh hay - cedar - musk - patchouli - tonka bean
calming - herbaceous 

wild blackberries - lemon - mandarin - mimosa - jasmine - orange blossom - cedar - amber - musk
floral - fruity - fresh

Crème de Coco
coconut cream - pistachio - tonka bean - heliotrope - exotic musk - sandalwood - salted caramel
tropical - creamy

Latte à la Lavande
coffee - red apple - lemon - lavender - spearmint - orange flower - milk mousse accord - sandalwood - cedarwood
creamy - relaxing


deionized water, stearic acid, mineral oil, cetyl alcohol, GMS, carbopol, triethanolamine, FD&X dye, phenoxyethanol, scrub beeds, fragrance oil


  • Add a good amount of the scrub and gently massage onto damp or wet skin in circular motions
  • Work your way down from the bottom or your neck to your feet
  • To exfoliate even more effectively, use with a body brush or loofah
  • Rinse well using hands
  • Use 1-2 times a week


  • For external use only
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs
  • Store in a cool dry place

Customer Reviews

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I have always been into exfoliant scrubs so when Ms Lulu released this, I ran to checkout. The consistency is pure bliss. It's creamy and not harsh, there are A LOT of harsh scrubs out there that I'm sensitive to so I usually throw them out after the first use but L'Abondance scrub is so gentle that you barely feel it's a scrub. I got a little scared of how gentle it was, I thought it wasn't doing anything but I was so wrong. The second you get out of the shower and dry yourself, your skin seriously feels like baby's butt! Now a staple in my shower and I always look forward to my weekly scrubs. Also, got SO excited to see Latte à la Lavande part of this, this will be my next scrub scent after I finish my Crème de Coco!


I usually find body scrubs too harsh for my thin skin which is why I almost never use them until I tried Abondance.

Abondance body scrub gently exfoliates my skin sans stripping its natural oils off, making my skin so soft, I do not even have to apply lotion after. I likewise did not experience any hypersensitivities. Delighted to finally have found the body scrub that my skin is greatly fond of.

My Favorite Body Scrub

The scrub is incredible! It's light as a lotion with beads that are gentle and not harsh at all. After using it, my skin feels brand new, soft and amazing! Highly highly recommend this scrub. Favorite scents are Crème de Coco & Œillet!

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